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Therapist-patient Sexual Involvement: A Review of the Research [Clinical Psychology Review] Fee assessment and outpatient psychotherapy [Journal of Consulting & Clinical Psychology] Other Resources. Resources for caregivers: websites, books, & articles; Forgiveness Resources for . Read the latest articles and commentary on psychology at US News. A new study suggests guns play a much bigger role. Stress. Could Stress Turn Our Gut Bacteria Against Us? New research examines changes in social psychology research since the Credibility.

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Verified by Psychology Today. Darwin's Subterranean World. In the world of behavioral science, psychology research study articles, where I live, researchers implement studies in an effort to better understand the nature of behavior. As a result of well-designed psychological research over the years, many novel findings with all kinds of implications have been documented. Here is a list of my top cool findings — results you might find surprising, and that could help you better understand the people in your world:.

Human emotional expression shows extraordinary constancy across human populations i. In groundbreaking research on the nature of human emotional expression, Ekman and Friesen found that the facial expressions which correspond to such basic emotions as happinesssadness, angersurprise, disgust, and fear are remarkably similar across the world.

From remote nomads in the South Pacific to millionaires sipping high-end tea on Park Avenue, the basics of how we express emotions are the same. You have more in common with psychology research study articles typical pigeon than you might realize. In some of the most important research ever done on the nature of behavior, across a storied careerB. Skinner made the case that the processes that underlie learning, such as operant and classical conditioning, are remarkably similar across species of animals — from dogs to goldfish to pigeons to rats to humans.

The more you pay someone for doing a menial task, the less he or she will enjoy it. When people are poorly compensated for unpleasant work, they are more likely to convince themselves that they actually enjoyed the work so as to reduce their own levels of cognitive dissonance.

People like you and me are quite capable of obeying a stranger to the point of killing another human being. We place a premium on the importance of intelligence and on markers of academic aptitude. In an analysis of thousands of recent North American homicides, Daly and Wilson found that approximately one-third were most accurately conceptualized as reactions to infidelity. In a study on volunteerism, Liljenquist et al. They were then offered the opportunity to take a brochure for Habitat for Humanity.

The participants in the nice-smelling room were more likely to take the flyer, and to report that they would volunteer for the organization. For instance, participants who watched a movie that was accompanied by a constant loud noise from the hallway liked the movie much less than did participants who watched the same movie without the loud noise. Personality barely shapes what we do. Think about that! Bottom Line: If you know an armchair psychologist who thinks that he or she knows all the answers when it comes to people, and that the work done by researchers in this field is a waste of time, you might want to forward him or her this list.

As demonstrated here, psychological research is, well, really cool, and regularly leads to new and unexpected insights into what it means to be human. Daly, M. Homicide and Kinship. American Anthropologist, 84 Darley, J. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, psychology research study articles, 27Ekman, P.

A new pan-cultural facial expression of emotion. Motivation and Emotion, 10 Festinger, L. Cognitive consequences of forced compliance.

Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology, 58 Liljenquist, K. Psychological Science. Mayer, J. What is emotional intelligence? Sluyter Eds. New York: Harper Collins.

Milgram, S. Behavioral Study of Obedience. Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology, 67—8. Nisbett, R. Telling more than we can know: Verbal reports on mental processes. Psychological Review, 84 Betcha anything the test group who didn't mention the loud noise while watching the movie were neurotypicals, one and all.

I'd like to see the same research done with people on the spectrum. Psychology research study articles amazed by the neurotypical ability to block and ignore stimuli, even to the point of not being aware of it, as in this research. Mayer and Saloveyin their section titled "What emotional intelligence predicts," do not provide much evidence that point 6 is indeed correct.

Views of how emotional intelligence may have played a role in the success of Bell Labs' employees is discussed. There is no empirical evidence to substantiate these claims, but the authors state that they do believe that psychology research study articles intelligence plays a role in success. I did not read psychology research study articles whole paper, but if there was empirical evidence of success being predicted by emotional intelligence, I think it would be in that section.

Hence, I think that point six is unsubstantiated given the research cited. I went back and read the whole paper. The evidence was cited for point 5 on the 2nd to last page. In nations with fast incidences of smiles and criminal behavior norms, ALL the criminals, have that one same instance, they smile, make nice, to make belief all is fine, then when the individual is relaxed, they go in for the kill.

In nature itself, a smile, showing of teeth, psychology research study articles, is considered a form of standoff, guarded behavior upto aggresive behavior. In husbandry animal relationshipsNO individual with a mind would smile, when training or relating to animals, that indeed being an aggresive posture. It's interesting, from a psychological perspective, that humans are so easy to con for anothers propagandistic interests and the sale of tooth whitener, no matter if their breath would be putrid as the dickens.

From a survival, procreative standpoint, a smile would show teeth, and that shows hygiene and good nourishment, which would be a pro for procreation, again, without there being psychology research study articles instance of IF the man behind those shiny whites would con, rape and plunder, or not. Some people wear masks that have a smile on them, but are not smiling underneath. When I wear a mask, I have two smiles.

A woman is more likely to become pregnant when a significant other then her mate makes the recommendation, when that significant other has the potencial to maintain that what would be wrought. Internal directive: Emocional aggregate intelligence External directive: Cognitive aggregate intelligence. Baby sitting requires emocional intelligence.

Guarding against rapists, marauders or terrorist, cognitive intelligence. Long term success depends on cognitive intelligence, and not social prancing internal mating principles.

Lots of societies and cultures have psychology research study articles from history due exagerated accentuation on 'social' intelligence, social intelligence being a mating, psychology research study articles, baby sitting form of intelligence, and very much sprouted for reasons of mating and sex.

Porno movies, in most any form, are highly socially intelligent, but not quite so for the female. Severe attachment relationships, due a previous orphenage gestalt. Is notizable in the sex industry catered to in jails, especially in less developed nations.

Success, depends on the type and style of attention deficit order you have. What do you filter out in order to make the better dedication, psychology research study articles, your own pleasing, or that of the other. True, that is a learned Pavlov response for dealing psychology research study articles United States citizens. Doesn't salivate. You clearly read a lot about psychology, but your lack of proper education probably makes you confused, thinking you are some sort of expert.

If you have the chance to take courses, do it. Then you would be able to put all these ideas in order and convey them in a better way, then all this time you spend ranting in this website will make a bit more sense.

Although I recommend that you spend your time in more useful real-life matters. Take care. You are correct, a Georgia Institute of Technology entitlement would not be considered a proper education. Very appreciative, without doubt that is applicable on a World Wide level.

I highly recommend that all United States citizens would require an equivalency before being allowed practice overseas, including military practice, and without much doubt language or for that matter teaching, psychology research study articles. Tell me kid, how much do 27 year olds like yourselves, psychology research study articles their parents. IS that the reason why individuals such as yourself spout the might of the United States military onto most anything?

Or just an ego trip because you where not the ones that made the Berlin Wall come down? It's surprising, how such individuals as yourself are completely none knowlegable about law, physics, or for that matter morfologies. Must be the glee of road kill that does it for you. Is it known if this is true for animals as well? It's all fine and well until the self congratulations kicks in. And it isn't even your research, psychology research study articles. You're just riding the coat tails of someone else's work.

Neuroscientist Lisa Feldman Barrette's research proves that point 10 is not true. A smile is not a smile. Yes I worked for THE armchair person who could read minds, psychology research study articles, finish your sentences and tell you why you are failing in all areas of your life.

And he was the Quarterback. He was always recognizing himself.


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