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Post CENTRAL LAKE ERIE (Vermilion, Huron, Cleveland, Eastlake, Mentor, Ashtabula, Erie, PA) fishing reports here here. Be sure to include fishing location, time of day, lake conditions, water depth, depth where fish were caught and of course what you caught. Erie Pa Steelhead Fishing Report – lake erie fishing report Erie Pa Steelhead Fishing Report – As a consequence, topics like pollution also have gained attention from the general public in recent decades. Some links go right to the Sheriff’s office websites that oversee the units. There are a number of sites offering knot Fish. ODNR Lake Erie Fishing Forecast for Ohio Division of Wildlife Weekly Fishing Reports Ohio Division of Wildlife Steelhead Fishing Reports Captain Lance Valentine's Walleye Videos View more of Captain Lance Valentine's videos at cordreowebsa.tkecom Video Courtesy of Lance Valentine.

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We only got 8 keepers, though they were good size ones. We used our worm harnesses on dipsies and spoons on the riggers. The heaviest concentration of fish seemed to be about 65 FOW.

That is also where we got most of our fish. Lots of boats using boards and plugs. Looks like some wavy weather until Sunday. Please be safe on the water. Walleye fishing continues to be good. Over the weekend the report was FOW. Spoons on divers continue to be the best presentation, erie pa fishing report. Some anglers are also catching steelhead in closer mixed in with the walleye. Is anyone fishing for perch anymore?

Walleye fishing has been so good that it seems no one is fishing for perch. I would like to catch some perch but don't want to spend all day looking.

Does anyone have any useful information for walnut. Beautiful day on the water. Not as successful on riggers. We stayed deep at ft. Fish were feet down. Heard of lots of fish taken in the 60s and 50s. Looks like some nice days coming up. Be Safe of the Water. When walleye anglers can due to weather,they are still getting out and limiting. Reports have said that a lot of fish are scattered through out the water column. The top producers continue to be divers with spoons and harness's on them.

Continue to always watch the weather and plan your trip out according. Walleye are continuing to be caught in FOW on baits such as plugs spoons and harnesses. Steelhead are also being caught in the mix of walleye. Some reports of Erie pa fishing report being caught casting from shore at mouths of creeks early in the morning. Braved the ft. Picked up a few small ones around 55' but they were few and far between. Started marking perch pretty much continuously so decided to drop the hook.

Fished Sabiki's tipped with shiners for a couple hours and boxed Nice to see the little guys back. The lake continues to be rough with breaks in the weather for short trips. The baits that have been consistent with most fisherman are plugs, spoons and harnesses varying in color. Cooler temperatures and cold rain will bring the Erie pa fishing report within casting distance erie pa fishing report The drift fishing around the dump, erie pa fishing report permitting, proved to be very rewarding with limits and good numbers of "eyes" boated.

Once again the colors of equipment used varied with gold and greens being the most productive. The western basin methods of castdrop and drag is putting a lot of fish on the boat Thanks to the help from the Erie Port Authority and their personal the anglers erie pa fishing report at Liberty Pier had nice parking and a good water view of the tall ships!

For trip info, please call Most all the anglers fishing for walleye are out deep now. Spoons behind divers are still the top producers. Remember always check the weather before going out and be safe on the water, erie pa fishing report. Thank's to Paul Michalak from Michalak Marine!!! We started in 58', erie pa fishing report. We did good on the riggers in the early morning. Then the dipseys. The slowed down around 10am.

Fished on the Perch Pirate for the first time on a walleye drift. The fishing was pretty steady all morning the boat ended up with over 40 walleye. The crew was great and helpful and a big thanks to Ron who was a pro at this type of fishing I fished beside him and ended up with 3 nice sized walleye I'm quite sure without his help I wouldn't have been so successful.

Can't wait till the next trip. Great day! Excellent planning with these guys regarding securing parking while ' tall ships ' fest was on. Regarding on, we were!

I got to fish next to Ron, the walleye drift master that started this technique when we were perching a year or so and were not catching perch. Needless to say, he nails it, erie pa fishing report, limits out and helps everyone. Huge thank you brother. Walleye anglers are still getting their limits. Remember to check weather before going out and be safe on the water this weekend.

What a great day on the water. The parking lot was full of trailers. Didn't get out until 10am. Got 20 nice ones by 3. Got over half on riggers 50 down 60 back superman spoon. Be safe and smart on the water, erie pa fishing report. Calling for a erie pa fishing report of thunderstorm on the main lake today. Most anglers are fishing deeper now, with some even going out to 70 FOW. Spoons continue to be the hot bite out on the lake. Remember you can always check the waves and weather on this site to be safe.

Fished out of East Ave on Saturday. Nasty south wind! Could not make it out to the fish due to conditions. Decided to get bait and try in the bay, and in FOW in the main lake.

Could not keep bait down on the bottom, and marked no fish. Fished out of Walnut Creek Sunday. Has to wait out erie pa fishing report nasty storm atalong with everyone else. Got on to a very rough lake, waves mixing south and west. Held out in shallow until the wind shift happened. Ended up with a 2 man limit in FOW, just off the trench. They were stacked up.

Most guys were drift fishing Larger marks were in FOW in the trench, but could not buy a bite. Went back to 55 and it was on, erie pa fishing report. Steady pick of fish, but not a hot bite, erie pa fishing report. Took about 4 hours. Other species were hitting good on sticks. Trolling speeds around 3mps, then cut the speed to 1. Most of the hits were when the lures were dropping due to cutting the speed.

Also, aggressive "S" patterns triggered fish. We tried a steady 1. The varying speeds and movements made all the difference. Lake picked up to a very cool foot rollers, just a erie pa fishing report roller. Ended up being an awesome day on the water!


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Aug 02,  · It is hard to imagine walleye fishing any better. Narrowing this report into sections of the coastline is not necessary. But the makeup of boats now fishing for walleye in our Lake Erie water has Author: Mike Bleech / Contributing Writer. Never miss a story. Choose the plan that's right for you. Digital access or digital and print delivery. Subscribe Now. Erie Pa Area Weather and Lake Erie Weather. Fishing in the region is heavily dependent on the weather. The ability of Lake Erie to rapidly change from calm to stormy is well-known to veterans of the lake. Mariners should take heed of all marine warnings and "keep an eye on the sky." Fishing in the streams is also heavily dependent on the.